Tuesday, September 27, 2011

postheadericon Project Stormos Released


The Anti-Platformer has arrived

Featured on IndieGameMag, DIYgamer, Nerd-Age.com and more, Project Stormos is an aerial dash-and-slash platforming game like no other. Some have called it the "anti-platformer" as your goal is to reach the end of each level without ever touching a single platform. Expect ridiculously long chain combos and intense mid-air battles.

If you haven't seen the game in action before, here's a little bit of what it's like...

The main adventure has 60 Levels total in the current build, which will ensure hours of gameplay. There's 120 total objectives (try to get to 100%) and online Leader Boards so you can test yourself against other players.


Project Stormos
also comes with it's own Level Editor built right into the game. It's an extremely powerful and easy tool that was actually used to build 90% of the levels in the main adventure. At the Project Stormos Community Page and Forums, you can download and share other levels made by players around the world.


Following the Minecraft public alpha method, Project Stormos is available for $5 now which gets you a user account that is good for life. We will be constantly adding tons of new levels, obstacles, and features to the game and every update will be totally free. The final price of the game will be either 10 or 15 dollars so get it now for a nice discount and hours of aerial platforming bliss.

  1. Make your Project Stormos account HERE
  2. Purchase to Activate your account HERE
  3. Download the game HERE
  4. Start playing and enjoy! =)


You can download the game here at IndieDB/ModDB for PC and Mac. All updates to the game will always be posted here. Your Project Stormos account will be used to log into the game as well as keep track of your leader board scores.

If you have any questions, please write them here

Here's what the Kickstarter and early alpha players are saying so far:

Happy dashing!

Youtube Indie DB Follow ProjectStormos on Twitter http://ProjectStormos.com


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